Client library for accessing the TwitPic API with the Ruby language.
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This library is abandonded and I no longer work at Twitpic. It's probably not a good idea to use it.

Twitpic is dead. You probably, really truly, do not want to be using this. Think of it as a relic from the past. It’s kind of like you’re visiting a museum.

TwitPic API for Ruby

The TwitPic library provides full access to the TwitPic API, including photo uploads (uploadAndPost not implemented yet) and write-enabled API methods.


All of these are required, but are available as gems:

  • Nestful (used to be Net::HTTP, switched to Nestful to make the code cleaner and shorter)
  • ROAuth
  • JSON


gem install twitpic-full

Example Usage

Check out the examples in the examples folder to find out how to use the library. The gist of it is:

require 'twitpic'

twitpic =

# This part is optional and only required if you are calling
# write enabled methods against the TwitPic API.
twitpic.configure do |conf|
  conf.api_key = "your API key"
  conf.consumer_key = "your consumer key"
  conf.consumer_secret = "your consumer secret"
  conf.oauth_token = "users oauth token"
  conf.oauth_secret = "users oauth secret"

user = twitpic.users(:show, {:username => "some_username"})
puts "User ID: #{user['id']}"
puts "Last Photo:{user['images'][0]['short_id']}"

media = twitpic.upload("path/to/file.jpg", "My photo caption")

Project To-Do

  • Unit testing
  • More examples perhaps?