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Contribution Guidelines

  • Please submit improvements and bug fixes via Github pull requests or by sending an email to in git's format-patch format.

  • All patches should have well-written commit message. The first line should summarize the change while the rest of the commit message should explain the reason the change is needed.

  • Please ensure all tests and lint checking pass before submitting pull requests.

Testing & Development

This cookbook uses a variety of testing components:


To develop on this cookbook, you must have a sane Ruby 1.9+ environment. Given the nature of this installation process (and it's variance across multiple operating systems), we will leave this installation process to the user.

You must also have bundler installed:

$ gem install bundler

You must also have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed:

Once installed, you must install the vagrant-berkshelf plugin:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf

Development Workflow

  1. Clone the git repository from GitHub:

     $ git clone
  2. Install the dependencies using bundler:

     $ bundle install
  3. Create a branch for your changes:

     $ git checkout -b my_bug_fix
  4. Make your desired changes.

  5. Write tests to support those changes. It is recommended you write both unit and integration tests.

  6. Run the tests:

    • bundle exec rspec
    • bundle exec foodcritic .
    • bundle exec rubocop
    • bundle exec kitchen test
  7. Assuming the tests pass, open a Pull Request on GitHub or send a git format-patch to