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Heroku's Suspenders

thoughtbot's Suspenders modified for Heroku.

git clone git://
cd heroku_suspenders
./script/create_project project_name

This will create a Rails 2.3.2 app with Heroku-recommended code:

  • Paperclip for file uploads, set for Amazon S3
  • Gmail SMTP for email
  • Delayed Job for background processing
  • Hoptoad Notifier for exception notification
  • Google Analytics for usage analytics

... and some other opinions:

  • jQuery for Javascript and Ajax
  • Clearance for authentication
  • Active Merchant for payment processing
  • Cucumber, Shoulda, Factory Girl, Mocha, Fakeweb, & Timecop for testing
  • Inherited Resources for RESTful controllers
  • Formtastic for form builders
  • Flutie for CSS framework
  • Blitz for features, model, controller, & helper generators

If you don't have all the necessary gems, they will be installed.

Get the latest & greatest at anytime with:

rake suspenders:pull

A helper rake task will prompt you for all your production config vars (S3 keys, GMail account, Hoptoad API key...) and set them on your Heroku app:

rake heroku:setup

More details available in doc/README_FOR_TEMPLATE.


The official Suspenders mascot is Suspenders Boy:

Suspenders Boy