Ansible playbook to spin up basic Rails/Rack apps servers from source packages without sudo.
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Ansible Rails Enterprise Provisioner

Environment Assumptions:

Control Machine:
  • Ansible is installed on your Control Machine
  • Setup your configuration file:
    • $ cp provisioning/group_vars/all.yml.example provisioning/group_vars/all.yml
    • Modify provisioning/group_vars/all.yml with your file versions, users, etc.
    • Download all src files needed to: provisioning/src_files
Remote Nodes:
  • No root access
  • sudo from a non-privileged user account (e.g., vagrant) to sysadmin account
  • Python 2.6+ is installed and accessible via $PATH
  • OR Python 2.4+ is in $PATH and has the simplejson module (ansible requirements for your remote servers)
  • Perl 5+ is installed and accessible via $PATH
  • gcc & make are accessible


The following files have variables with defaults you'll probably want to modify:

  • Site vars: provisioning/group_vars/all.yml
  • Package vars: provisioning/group_vars/src.yml
  • httpd: provisioning/roles/web/vars/main.yml

Development / Testing with Vagrant:

Vagrant Configuration Assumptions:

  1. Virtualbox is installed
  2. Vagrant is installed
  3. vagrant.vm maps to (in your /etc/hosts file)

Download the SUPPORT customized Vagrant box:

Note: Vagrant won't untar the SUPPORT box file currently, do the following steps manually:

$ wget -O
$ cd ~/.vagrant.d/boxes
$ mkdir vagrant-centos59-x86_64-SUPPORT
$ tar -xzvf -C
$ vagrant box list
#=> vagrant-centos59-x86_64-SUPPORT

Note: To install the python-simplejson module for Python 2.4.3 on the SUPPORT VM run the following playbook:
ansible-playbook provisioning/init.yml -i provisioning/hosts/vagrant --u vagrant --sudo

Develop / Test the Ansible Provisioning Playbook:

Make sure your ssh key has been added to the VMs authorized keys before attempting to provision

# Spin-up the VM and bootstrap the server to add python-simplejson & needed packages
$ vagrant up --no-provision && ansible-playbook provisioning/init.yml -i provisioning/hosts/vagrant -u vagrant -s
# Repeat the following with each `provisioning/site.yml` modification:
$ ansible-playbook -i provisioning/hosts/vagrant provisioning/site.yml -u vagrant -s
# Destroy as needed and repeat from `vagrant up`:
$ vagrant destroy

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