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internal authentication gem to work with OmniAuth

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The goal of this gem is to allow CASPORT integartion with your rack-based application easily through OmniAuth.


Add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'oa-casport'

Configuration Parameters:

Configuration within the initializer for OmniAuth:

# @example Basic Usage
#  use OmniAuth::Strategies::Casport, {
#    :setup => true
#  }
# @example Full Options Usage
#  use OmniAuth::Strategies::Casport, {
#    :setup         => true,
#    :cas_server    => '',
#    :format        => 'json', 'xml' || Defaults to 'xml'
#    :format_header => 'application/xml', 'application/json' || Defaults to 'application/xml'
#    :ssl_ca_file   => 'path/to/ca_file.crt',
#    :pem_cert      => '/path/to/cert.pem',
#    :pem_cert_pass => 'keep it secret, keep it safe.',
#    :redis_options => 'disabled'
#  }

Example Applications

You can see how to set it up and use it with a Rails 3 application at:

#TODO: You can see how to set it up and use it with a Sinatra application at:

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