Lita + Slack + Karma? You need to Sync!
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Lita + Slack + Karma? You need to Sync!

Are you a Slack user? And does your team also use lita-karma? This plugin can be used to keep your karma terms synced up with your Slack name.


What's that now?

When using Slack and lita-karma you can give another user, or any term in the world, some karma like so:

> lizlemon++
> Litabot: lizlemon: 40
> computers--
> Litabot: computers: -10
> ruby~~
> Litabot: ruby: 12 (15), linked to: rubby: 3

And that works great for general terms, but there can be many ways to address a user. "Liz Lemon" from the above example could be addressed in any of the following ways:

  • her mention name: > lizlemon++
  • her mention name preceded with "@": > @lizlemon++
  • her Slack UUID: > U03BX9ZA9++
  • her Slack UUID preceded with "@": > @U03BX9ZA9++
  • her full name with a ":" delimiters: > :Liz Lemon:++
  • And each of the above could different based on capitalization!

The problem is these all become unique "Karma Terms" and Liz Lemon's karma has been spread over a number of terms. To combat this, you can use lita-karma's term_normalizer to normalize to a single, consistent "term" for users. The Slack UUID is a great choice for that. The wrinkle then is that you're left with this:

> lizlemon++
> Litabot: U03BX9ZA9: 41
> Litabot karma
> Litabot:
    U09BZ9AF7: 45
    U08FA0EX1: 43
    tacos: 42
    U03BX9ZA9: 41

Who are those users? That's where this plugin can help! 👍


Add lita-slack-karma-sync to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-slack-karma-sync"


In your lita_config.rb:

  1. Create a proc that will normalize a given UUID and name to a consistent string. Something like this:

    normalized_karma_user_term = ->(user_id, user_name) {
      "@#{user_id} (#{user_name})" #=> @UUID (Liz Lemon)
  2. Configure lita-karma's term_normalizer to try to find a user for the "term", and then normalize them via the proc defined above.

    config.handlers.karma.term_normalizer = lambda do |full_term|
      term = full_term.to_s.strip.sub(/[<:]([^>:]+)[>:]/, '\1')
      user = Lita::User.fuzzy_find(term.sub(/\A@/, ''))
      if user,
  3. Tell lita-slack-karma-sync to use the same proc to normalize user terms:

config.handlers.slack_karma_sync.user_term_normalizer = normalized_karma_user_term


Give folks karma!

> lizlemon++
> Litabot: @U03BX9ZA9 (Liz Lemon): 43
> @lizlemon++
> Litabot: @U03BX9ZA9 (Liz Lemon): 44
> liz++
> Litabot: @U03BX9ZA9 (Liz Lemon): 45
> :Liz Lemon:++
> Litabot: @U03BX9ZA9 (Liz Lemon): 46
> Litabot karma
> Litabot:
    @U03BX9ZA9 (Liz Lemon): 46
    @U09BZ9AF7 (Tracy Jordan): 45
    tacos: 42
    @U08FA0EX1 (Jack Donaghy): 41


See the LICENSE file.