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RefineryCMS Tutorials Site

This is the open source code of the refinerycms tutorials site which obviously uses a refinerycms backend.

This website is run by the nice people on the IRC channel, go there to contribute your suggestions as well:

Can I contribute tutorials?

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TUTORIALS! Contact someone on the IRC or use the 'Suggestions' form on the website to tell us your ideas. We'll give you a login code so you can write your brand new tutorial.

Can I help with the code?

You may fork this project and contribute some functionality that you feel we're desperately missing. Either way, we'd love your help. If you're extra good, you'll get commit rights to the core repository (hint: this one) if you want them.


A wiki would present better options for contribution to the site. This is a plugin collaboration taking place here:


A blog would also improve how tutorials are categorized and tagged. You can watch and contribute to that process here:

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