Audio extractor from FMOD .bank files
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Transistor BREACH()

WIP tool to extract audio from FMOD .bank v2 files. Works for OS X, but the .cpp files should be portable.

Currently only works for Transistor by Supergiant Games. Move all .bank files (including the .strings) to the media folder. Names are found in the GUID.txt file in the game's asset folder.

Extracting music is hard-coded: change the string parameter in lookupEventID to the name of the audio you want to extract. Uncomment lowLevel->setOutput() to extract audio to a wav file stored in the same folder as the application. The program does not quit when the song is finished, so you'll have to estimate when the song is over to manually quit the application.

You can alter the volumes on certain audio channels (the humming or the singing, for example) by un-commenting the code in the do-while loop.

It's REALLY messy right now. I'm planning on making a proper command line tool to record the music, with options to change the volume on different channels.