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My own configuration of the one-handed keyboard FrogPad using the default keyboard
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My own configuration of the one-handed keyboard FrogPad using the default keyboard

  • Karabiner-Elements

  • Download (use entire line):

    • karabiner://karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/import?url=
  • NOTE: Only working on left hand configuration for now

  • No capital letters available yet

  • Go to for:

    • Right hand configuration
    • Windows "qwerty-frog"
    • Mac "qwerty-frog" for earlier macOS versions (10.11 and below)
    • Training game for practice!

System requirements

  • MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) and above

To install:

  1. Download and install the app Karabiner-Elements (currently v12.1.0 as of 8/23/2018):

  2. Download and import keymap by going to this link and opening it with Karabiner-Elements: karabiner://karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/import?url=

  3. In Karabiner-Elements, go to "Preferences" > "Profiles" tab > "Add profile", name the profile, and click "Select".

  4. "Complex Modifications" tab > "Add rule", and enable "Frogpad left v2".

To update:

  1. In Karabiner-Elements > "Preferences" > "Profiles" tab, "Select" the Frogpad profile.

  2. "Complex Modifications" tab > "Rules", "Remove" the Frogpad rule.

  3. Click "Add rule" and delete/trash "Frogpad left v2".

  4. In a browser, go to the same link and import: karabiner://karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/import?url=

  5. For "Frogpad left v2", click "Enable".

  6. Check one more time in the "Profiles" tab that it was added to your Frogpad profile.

Keymap (Left Hand)

  • For "Primary" keys, simply type as normal with left hand.
  • To activate "Secondary" keys, hold down (spacebar) while typing.
    • (right-ctrl) key also works as well.
Default Primary Secondary
(spacebar) (spacebar) N/A
q p j
w w m
e r b
r a ' (quote)
t f (tab)
a d v
s t c
d h l
f e z
g o q
z y x
x s g
c n k
v i (backspace or delete backwards)
b u (delete forward)
(left-alt) N/A , (comma)
(left-ctrl) (return/enter) . (period)

Hardware Example

alt text

alt text

Differences and Future Improvements (subject to change)

  • The "i" and "u" keys as "Secondary" keys are normally the "App" (right-click menu) and "Cmd" keys, respectively, but the "Number" modifier hasn't yet been implemented, and the "backspace" and "delete" were much more useful, so Clark has v1 mapped to those as well.

  • (left-shift) for "Shift"

    • For capital letters
  • "Shift Lock" = (spacebar) + (left-shift)

    • Capitalize next letter without holding down (left-shift)
    • "CapsLock" = "Number" (left-cmd) + (left-shift)
  • "Symbol", "SymbolLock", and "Symbol Hold" (left-alt)

    • hold down, tap once, and tap twice, respectively
    • "SymbolLock" for next keypress only
  • Make room for "Number" (left-cmd) modifier key

  • "Number" (left-cmd, aka "left-gui")

    • Tap once = "NumLock" holding
    • * 7 8 9 -
    • / 4 5 6 +
    • 0 1 2 3 .
    • Turns off while "Symbol" is user and turns back on afterwards
  • Function keys

    • Hold down "Number" modifier (left-cmd or right-cmd)
    • Arrow keys
    • BkSpc and Delete
      • Make room for "App" and "Cmd" keys
    • PgUp, PgDn, Pause, Home, etc.
    • Alt and Ctrl modifiers wait for next keystroke
  • "Cmd" key = (spacebar) + "u"

    • Tap once for next keystroke
    • aka "GUI"/"Windows" key

Inspired by

His downloads here:

  • karabiner://karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/import?url=
  • karabiner://karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/import?url=

Other Resources

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