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Remove most of the obvious traces of the fact my 'starter' file was t…

…he man page from ctag
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@@ -14,54 +14,15 @@ balistica \- A simple open source ballistics calculator
The \fBctags\fP and \fBetags\fP programs (hereinafter collectively referred to
-as \fBctags\fP, except where distinguished) generate an index (or "tag") file
-for a variety of language objects found in \fIfile(s)\fP.
-This tag file allows these items to be quickly and easily located by a text
-editor or other utility. A "tag" signifies a language object for which an
-index entry is available (or, alternatively, the index entry created for that
-.RS 4
-\fBVi\fP(1) and its derivatives (e.g. Elvis, Vim, Vile, Lemmy),
-\fBFTE\fP (Folding Text Editor),
-\fBNEdit\fP (Nirvana Edit),
-\fBTSE\fP (The SemWare Editor),
Despite the wealth of available options, defaults are set so that \fBctags\fP
-is most commonly executed without any options (e.g. "ctags *", or "ctags \-R"),
-which will create a tag file in the current directory for all recognized
-source files. The options described below are provided merely to allow custom
-tailoring to meet special needs.
.TP 5
.B \-a
Equivalent to \fB\-\-append\fP.
-.TP 5
-.B \-B
-Use backward searching patterns (e.g. ?pattern?). [Ignored in etags mode]
-Because \fBctags\fP is neither a preprocessor nor a compiler, use of
-preprocessor macros can fool \fBctags\fP into either missing tags or
-improperly generating inappropriate tags. Although \fBctags\fP has been
-designed to handle certain common cases, this is the single biggest cause of
-reported problems. In particular, the use of preprocessor constructs which
-alter the textual syntax of C can fool \fBctags\fP. You can work around many
-such problems by using the \fB\-I\fP option.
Steven Oliver <>
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