A quick docker container to handle the keycloak SSO proxying to an app that doesn't quite support it!
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A docker container to use in proxying traffic for an app when keycloak integration is not possible. See proxy implementation/configuration details here here.

Usage Documentation

The majority of the configuration for the proxy is actually done in a proxy.json file, which you'll need to add to the container at /proxy.json before running. It should be noted too that this container exposes port 8080, but the proxy.json file allows you to choose any listen port (it's best then, that you ensure your file contains "http-port": "8080").

docker run -d -v /path/to/local/proxy.json:/proxy.json -p 8080:8080 stevenolen/keycloak-proxy


This container doesn't expect to be run with https (instead, it's better to do that with another reverse proxy above).