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yet another slugging gem
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Yet another slugging gem, convert a string to a slug with the option for custom mappings.

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gem install slugity

or with bundler

gem 'slugity'

Ruby Support

Slugity is tested against and supports:

  • 2.1.x
  • 2.0.0
  • 1.9.3
  • rubinius 2.2


To use Slugity, require it and then include the module where needed. So:

require 'slugity'
include Slugity

slugity("one + two = three")
# => "one-plus-two-equals-three"

To include the to_slug method on the String class

require 'slugity/extend_string'

"one + two = three".to_slug
# => "one-plus-two-equals-three"

There is also a Slugity::Convert module that has class methods for each if you don't want to polute any modules with extra methods, so:

require 'slugity'
Slugity::Convert.slug 'one + two'
# => 'one-plus-two'

Custom Matchers

The default matcher set is currently small, but with custom matchers you can extend it or write a new set from the ground up.

View the full set here or view a sample of the matched symbols.

default: {
  /\s|\// => '-',
  /\~|\~/ => '-',
  /\_/ => '_',
  /\&/ => 'and',
  /\+/ => 'plus',
  /\=/ => 'equals',
  /℡/ => 'tel',
  /™/ => 'tm',
  /℠/ => 'sm',
  /²/ => '2',
  /³/ => '3'

Lets say we want to use the default matchers, but we want exclamation marks to become 'omg'

Slugity::Matchers.add :omg, true, {
  /\!/ => "omg"

We created a new matcher named :omg, told it to extend from the default matcher, and then added a matcher for the exclamation mark. To use it, we then tell the slugity or to_slug method to use our new matcher.

slugity( "woot!", :omg )
# => "wootomg"

# => "wootomg"

Non-Slug Matching

Slugity is also good for manipulating strings that aren't destined to be slugs, such as strings in json. To do this though we'll need to use a different method included with Slugity, stringity. It operates just as slugity except that it doesn't escape unrecognized characters.

string = %q{ a "quote" \ or so }
stringity(string, :json_string)
# => "a \"quote\" \\ or so"


require 'slugity'
include Slugity

slugity "hello world"
# => hello-world

slugity "one & one"
# => one-and-one
require 'slugity/extend_string'

"hello world".to_slug
# => hello-world

"one & one".to_slug
# => one-and-one


$ bundle install
# => installs the testing gems

$ rake
# => runs the specs


If there is any thing you'd like to contribute or fix, please:

  • Fork the repo
  • Add tests for any new functionality
  • Make your changes
  • Verify all existing tests work properly
  • Make a pull request


The slugity gem is Copyright 2013 Steven Sloan, distributed under the MIT License.

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