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Mafs is a set of opinionated React components for creating math visualizations.

Visit the docs →


Development is done inside of the Next.js documentation site, which directly imports Mafs components from src/. To start the development server, run:

pnpm install
pnpm start

Then visit localhost:3000.


Mafs uses unit, end-to-end, and visual regression testing to ensure consistency between updates. It takes literal screenshots of components as rendered by the browser, and compares them to a known "correct" screenshot. Two of the browsers may require a Mac to run (Safari and iOS Safari).

All examples on the documentation site are visually tested automatically—the test file is autogenerated.

pnpm test      # run both suites
pnpm test:unit # to run just the Jest tests
pnpm test:e2e  # to run Playwright (end-to-end and visual tests)
pnpm test -- --update-snapshots # to update the visual test baselines