A tool for managing flocks of cuburn-style fractal flames.
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Flockutil helps you manage a flock of fractal flames as a Git repository. Yeah, it's a mixed metaphor. Get over it.


Currently, flockutil depends on cuburn, and (apart from the convert command) only speaks its JSON-based dialect for representing fractal flame animations. While both projects are used in something resembling production, and the latest revisions at any given time should work together, no stable releases have been made. Flockutil includes both itself and cuburn as submodules in a given repository to ameliorate this somewhat. (In the future, a render farm might be provided as part of the Aduro project, so you won't need a full working cuburn setup to render.)

Getting started

Flockutil will clone itself and cuburn when creating a repository, so you can just run this command to initialize a repository:

wget -O - https://raw.github.com/stevenrobertson/flockutil/master/flockutil/main.py | python - init PATH_TO_FLOCK/

You can of course do something similar with a local repository:

python flockutil/main.py init PATH/

Now cd to the new flock repo, and run

./flock convert gnm.flam3 [...]
git commit

to import some existing flam3-format edges. From here, you can use the blend and more automated addEdges commands to create transitions between the reference nodes you've added by hand, evolve to kick off a genetic algorithm-based search for optimal edges, and render to see the results. Of course, very few of these things will work reliably or consistently yet; this is all still very much experimental.