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0 info it worked if it ends with ok
1 verbose cli [ 'node', '/usr/local/bin/npm', 'publish' ]
2 info using npm@1.2.18
3 info using node@v0.10.5
4 verbose publish [ '.' ]
5 verbose read json /Users/stevensacks/Development/grunt/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/package.json
6 verbose cache add [ '.', null ]
7 verbose cache add name=undefined spec="." args=[".",null]
8 verbose parsed url { protocol: null,
8 verbose parsed url slashes: null,
8 verbose parsed url auth: null,
8 verbose parsed url host: null,
8 verbose parsed url port: null,
8 verbose parsed url hostname: null,
8 verbose parsed url hash: null,
8 verbose parsed url search: null,
8 verbose parsed url query: null,
8 verbose parsed url pathname: '.',
8 verbose parsed url path: '.',
8 verbose parsed url href: '.' }
9 silly lockFile 3a52ce78- .
10 verbose lock . /Users/stevensacks/.npm/3a52ce78-.lock
11 verbose read json package.json
12 verbose tar pack [ '/Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz',
12 verbose tar pack '.' ]
13 verbose tarball /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
14 verbose folder .
15 info prepublish grunt-requirejs-obfuscate@0.1.1
16 silly lockFile 3a52ce78- .
17 verbose lock . /Users/stevensacks/.npm/3a52ce78-.lock
18 silly lockFile b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
19 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz.lock
20 silly lockFile 3a52ce78- .
21 silly lockFile 3a52ce78- .
22 silly lockFile b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
23 silly lockFile b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
24 verbose tar unpack /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
25 silly lockFile 5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package
26 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package.lock
27 silly lockFile b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
28 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz.lock
29 silly gunzTarPerm modes [ '755', '644' ]
30 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry package.json
31 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry
32 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry Gruntfile.js
33 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry LICENSE-MIT
34 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry tasks/requirejs_obfuscate.js
35 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/requirejs_obfuscate_test.js
36 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/expected/custom_options
37 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/expected/default_options
38 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/fixtures/123
39 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/fixtures/testing
40 verbose read json /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package/package.json
41 silly lockFile 5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package
42 silly lockFile 5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package
43 silly lockFile b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
44 silly lockFile b8a1451e-70274-0-3227658518590033-tmp-tgz /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/tmp.tgz
45 verbose from cache /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package/package.json
46 verbose tar pack [ '/Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz',
46 verbose tar pack '/Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package' ]
47 verbose tarball /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
48 verbose folder /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package
49 silly lockFile 5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package
50 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package.lock
51 silly lockFile 3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
52 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz.lock
53 silly lockFile 5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package
54 silly lockFile 5f5120e1-70274-0-3227658518590033-package /Users/stevensacks/tmp/npm-26256/1384916970274-0.3227658518590033/package
55 silly lockFile 3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
56 silly lockFile 3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
57 silly lockFile f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package
58 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package.lock
59 silly lockFile f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package
60 silly lockFile f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package
61 verbose tar unpack /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
62 silly lockFile f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package
63 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package.lock
64 silly lockFile 3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
65 verbose lock /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz.lock
66 silly gunzTarPerm modes [ '755', '644' ]
67 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry package.json
68 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry
69 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry Gruntfile.js
70 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry LICENSE-MIT
71 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry tasks/requirejs_obfuscate.js
72 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/requirejs_obfuscate_test.js
73 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/expected/custom_options
74 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/expected/default_options
75 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/fixtures/123
76 silly gunzTarPerm extractEntry test/fixtures/testing
77 verbose read json /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package/package.json
78 silly lockFile f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package
79 silly lockFile f713baa9-equirejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package
80 silly lockFile 3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
81 silly lockFile 3b4b2875-rejs-obfuscate-0-1-1-package-tgz /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
82 silly shasum updated bytes 4899
83 info shasum 474b97dc31393364a3a6e09906597fa3021597bb
83 info shasum /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz
84 verbose from cache /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package/package.json
85 verbose chmod /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz 644
86 verbose chown /Users/stevensacks/.npm/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate/0.1.1/package.tgz [ 0, 20 ]
87 silly lockFile 3a52ce78- .
88 silly publish { name: 'grunt-requirejs-obfuscate',
88 silly publish description: 'Obfuscate requirejs package names',
88 silly publish version: '0.1.1',
88 silly publish homepage: '',
88 silly publish author: { name: 'Steven Sacks', email: '' },
88 silly publish repository:
88 silly publish { type: 'git',
88 silly publish url: 'git://' },
88 silly publish bugs: { url: '' },
88 silly publish licenses:
88 silly publish [ { type: 'MIT',
88 silly publish url: '' } ],
88 silly publish main: 'Gruntfile.js',
88 silly publish engines: { node: '>= 0.8.0' },
88 silly publish scripts: { test: 'grunt test' },
88 silly publish devDependencies:
88 silly publish { 'grunt-contrib-jshint': '~0.6.0',
88 silly publish 'grunt-contrib-clean': '~0.4.0',
88 silly publish 'grunt-contrib-nodeunit': '~0.2.0',
88 silly publish grunt: '~0.4.1' },
88 silly publish peerDependencies: { grunt: '~0.4.1' },
88 silly publish keywords: [ 'gruntplugin' ],
88 silly publish readme: '# grunt-requirejs-obfuscate\n\n> Obfuscate requirejs package names\n\n## Getting Started\nThis plugin requires Grunt `~0.4.1`\n\nIf you haven\'t used [Grunt]( before, be sure to check out the [Getting Started]( guide, as it explains how to create a [Gruntfile]( as well as install and use Grunt plugins. Once you\'re familiar with that process, you may install this plugin with this command:\n\n```shell\nnpm install grunt-requirejs-obfuscate --save-dev\n```\n\nOnce the plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your Gruntfile with this line of JavaScript:\n\n```js\ngrunt.loadNpmTasks(\'grunt-requirejs-obfuscate\');\n```\n\n## The "requirejs_obfuscate" task\n\n### Overview\nThis plugin will obfuscate your package path names consistently, even across multiple files (if you\'re using a multi-file requirejs site, for instance).\n\nIt uses a salted SHA1 hash, truncated to 6 characters, and ensures the first character in any hash to be a letter.\n\nThis plugin is meant to be run on compiled requirejs code. I recommend cleaning up the compile directory of unnecessary files before running this task using grunt-contrib-clean.\n\nIn your project\'s Gruntfile, add a section named `requirejs_obfuscate` to the data object passed into `grunt.initConfig()`.\n\n```js\ngrunt.initConfig({\n requirejs_obfuscate: {\n options: {\n dir: \'www/js\',\n salt: \'salt\',\n root: \'com\',\n length: 6,\n quotes: \'double\',\n exclude: [\n \'lib/require.js\',\n \'lib/jquery-2.0.3.js\'\n ],\n output: false\n }\n },\n})\n```\n\n### Options\n\n#### options.dir\nType: `String`\n\nThis must be set to the folder where your compiled requirejs files are. From your require.js options.js file, combine dir and baseUrl without a trailing slash.\n\n#### options.salt\nType: `String`\nDefault value: `\'salt\'`\n\nThis is the salt that will be used to hash each of your package paths and classes.\n\n#### options.root\nType: `String`\n\nThis is required. It must be set to the root folder where your packages reside. This does not currently support multiple root packages.\n\n#### options.length\nType: `Integer`\nDefault value: `6`\n\nThe length of each hash. Allows a range of 3-16 characters. Higher numbers reduce chance of duplicates. The default value of 6 seems like a safe length for most projects.\n\n#### options.quotes\nType: `String`\nDefault value: `\'double\'`\n\nSet this to whatever your package paths are wrapped with (single or double quotes). You can also set this to "\'" or \'"\'. For example, uglify converts single quotes into double quotes, so if you are not uglifying your code, you might set this to "single" and if you are, you would leave this out or set it to "double".\n\n#### options.exclude\nType: `Array`\nDefault value: `[]`\n\nThis is an array of files to exclude from hashing. Most of the time you won\'t need to set this to anything, but you never know.\n\n#### options.output\nType: `Boolean`\nDefault value: `false`\n\nSet to true if you want to see each package path and their respective hashes output into the terminal.\n\n\n### Usage Examples\n\n#### Default Options\nIn this example, your compiled files are in the "src/js" directory and your package root is "app".\n\n```js\ngrunt.initConfig({\n options: {\n dir: \'src/js\',\n root: \'app\'\n }\n})\n```\n\n## Contributing\nIn lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using [Grunt](\n\nThis code does not currently have any unit tests. It could probably also use some better methodology to find and replace hashes, such as more advanced regex.\n\nI have tested this on a real project with multiple files and it works perfectly.\n\nTODO: Prevent duplicate hashes for the filename part (just in case).\n\n## Release History\n0.1.0 - Initial Release\n',
88 silly publish readmeFilename: '',
88 silly publish _id: 'grunt-requirejs-obfuscate@0.1.1',
88 silly publish dist: { shasum: '474b97dc31393364a3a6e09906597fa3021597bb' },
88 silly publish _from: '.' }
89 verbose url raw grunt-requirejs-obfuscate
90 verbose url resolving [ '', './grunt-requirejs-obfuscate' ]
91 verbose url resolved
92 info trying registry request attempt 1 at 19:09:41
93 http PUT
94 http 409
95 verbose url raw grunt-requirejs-obfuscate
96 verbose url resolving [ '', './grunt-requirejs-obfuscate' ]
97 verbose url resolved
98 info trying registry request attempt 1 at 19:09:42
99 http GET
100 http 200
101 error publish fail Cannot publish over existing version.
101 error publish fail Update the 'version' field in package.json and try again.
101 error publish fail
101 error publish fail If the previous version was published in error, see:
101 error publish fail npm help unpublish
101 error publish fail
101 error publish fail To automatically increment version numbers, see:
101 error publish fail npm help version
102 error System Darwin 12.5.0
103 error command "node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "publish"
104 error cwd /Users/stevensacks/Development/grunt/grunt-requirejs-obfuscate
105 error node -v v0.10.5
106 error npm -v 1.2.18
108 verbose exit [ 1, true ]