Can we pull the Date of post? #55

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As title!


Yes, you can use {{model.created_at}} to get the time stamp of the image.

Although, this will be a unix-style time stamp, not a human-readable date, so you'll want to convert that time stamp in the after() callback.

See issue #21 for more info about the other attributes you can pull using {{model}}.


Hi there, I'd like to do the same thing -- display the date. Forgive me, but could you provide an example of this application of after()? I've looked at the documentation but am still unclear on how to pass the data to the function. Thanks in advance!


Hi @halfempty
Another option may be to use the filter function to do something similar to what was discussed in #70

Let me know if you need any more info.


That did the trick! Thanks so much

jerb0x commented Jun 5, 2014


I believe this issue is closed. However, @halfempty can show a sample code of how u did this using filter?? Very much appreciate it.


jerb0x commented Jun 11, 2014

@halfempty Never too late to say Thanks... Thanks! 👍 This is what I've done as well.


Thank you @jerb0x


Thanks a lot, @jerb0x!


Going to go ahead and close this issue. Thanks to everyone that helped out, it'll be great to have this for future reference!

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