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I'm assuming its just on the docket to pull the full list of comments?

Also you're my favorite person ever


Thanks! Glad you're finding the library useful! 😄

My time is really limited right now (full-time job etc), so I can't promise it will be anytime soon. But I can add that onto the roadmap to look into!

iphipps commented Aug 14, 2013

Any updates on this?

I thought maybe {{model.comments}} could work; tried to no avail. Is there a list of the what can be called using the model dot notation?

I second jdcauley's sentiments. This is an amazing library. Thank you for putting it together.


@iphipps I ended up having to go a different library for comments you can see my finished project at

I need to put up a demo again I don't think there is one at the moment, but I believe if you clone it there are api keys in place already.


@iphipps: Take a look at #21 for a complete-ish list of what's in {{model}}. Keep in mind, the dot-notation will only work if the final property is a primitive. Trying to use arrays/objects in the template option will only print out [object Object] in the final template.

Sorry, I haven't any updates on this feature request. The only way to do it right now would be to write some custom logic in the success: function (data) { } callback, which would kinda depend on how comfortable you are with JavaScript.

Honestly though, if you are trying to build a full-featured Instagram app, then Instafeed.js is not going to be a good fit for you. It was really only intended for simple little one-page feeds, or just to show some of you recent pictures. Anything more complex really needs a server-side component to handle all the heavy API lifting.

iphipps commented Aug 15, 2013

@jdcauley, looks good; thanks for the suggestion. For now, I'm not sure I need to include the comments, but might revisit your repo depending.

I really enjoy how instafeed.js is pure js and runs client side; not to shy away from php but... just feel I won't need it for this project.

@stevenschobert , I should have looked through the questions for the information on models, forgive me. That post perfectly answers my question on models.

For comments, the success function callback might prove a good option. I'm not sure I'll need comments, and I definitely don't need the ability to post, full feature type of app; passive content is the goal here.

Thank you both, I look forward to seeing where this repo goes in coming months.

veevee06 commented Feb 8, 2015

@stevenschobert - I'm pulling a series of images using get: 'tagged' and there are images posted by one or more ig users that I want to filter out. Is it possible using your filter to filter out username? I haven't been able to get the filter to work when using the tagged method.

Vernon Davis

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