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Circular Buffer
Kruskal Algorithm
LinkedList in C
Shared Bathroom Threading Problem
Tree Builder - compile and run Test.java
Virtual Memory Paging System in Java



A sampling of work I have done during a computer science degree program and other musings.

  • Circular buffer is a configurable string buffer that stores a configurable number of items. Once the items are added and the buffer is full, it will begin writing over it's oldest member.

    • Compile and run Solution.java
  • Kruskal is an implementation of Kruskal's Algorithm to find a minimum spanning tree using disjoint sets. The input is configurable in two files. One for a list of points with relative locations and the other for distances between locations.

    • Compile and run MNKruskal.java
  • Linked list in C is just that. Heckofajob

  • Shared Bathroom Threading problem is an elaborate solution to the multiple gender bathroom sharing problem with a third impatient gender of Zombie thrown into the mix.

    • Compile and run BathroomProblem.java to see. It is solved using several different locking mechanisms.
  • Tree Builder will show you a tree-i-fied version of your typing on the fly.

    • Compile and run test.java to see it.
  • Virtual memory is a Memory Management Module simulator in java. It maps physical memory to virtual memory and implements a paging system that writes blocks to disk when physical memory is reallocated. Pretty sweet.

    • Compile and run Test.java to see it.