This project intends to develop a parsing tools for Matlab's SimMechanics Model
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##-- SimMechanics Parsing Tools --##

This tool package is written for part of my research work for re-build mechanical system model from existing SimMechanics Model.

It contains 2 modules MDLparsetool and XMLparsetool:
	* One is for parsing .mdl file, which is created directly under Matlab's SimMechanics system.
	* The other one is for paring .xml file, which is generated by SimMechanics Link, a plugin for exporting CAD 	assemblies from a CAD model into SimMechanics.

##-- Requirements --##
To run this tool, you'll need:
	* Python, version 2.4 or higher
	* for mdl file parser, you need to install pyparsing module

##-- Credits --##
Project author: Steven Yue
Most of the code for parsing mdl file into nest list was writtern by Kjell Magne Fauske