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@@ -317,11 +317,9 @@ module.exports = function(grunt) {
grunt.registerTask('docs', ['clean:docs', 'assemble', 'less:docs', 'concat:docs', 'copy:docsAssets', 'copy:docsHighlightAssets', 'copy:distToDocs']);
- grunt.registerTask('test', ['jshint:dist']);
grunt.registerTask('default', ['dist', 'docs']);
- grunt.registerTask('serve', ['connect:docs', 'watch']);
+ grunt.registerTask('watch', ['connect:docs', 'watch']);
grunt.registerTask('zip', ['compress']);
@@ -611,9 +611,53 @@ slider = $('.bxslider').bxSlider();
+### Install Grunt and Bower
+**Unfamiliar with npm? Don't have node installed?** [Download and install node.js]( before proceeding.
+From the command line:
+1. Install `grunt-cli` and `bower` globally with `npm install -g grunt-cli bower`.
+2. Run `npm install`. npm will look at `package.json` and automatically install the necessary dependencies.
+3. Run `bower install`, which installs front-end packages defined in `bower.json`.
+When completed, you'll be able to run the various Grunt commands provided from the command line.
+### Available Grunt commands
+* `grunt` — Clean, Compile LESS to CSS, concatenate and validate JS, build documentation.
+* `grunt dist` — Clean, Compile LESS to CSS, concatenate and validate JS for plugin only.
+* `grunt docs` — Clean, build documentation only.
+* `grunt watch` — loads LiveReload, connects, and watches all assets.
+* `grunt zip` — Creates a zip of `/dist` and places it in `/download`.
+## Contributing
+Everyone is welcome to help [contribute]( and improve this project. There are several ways you can contribute:
+* Reporting issues (please read [issue guidelines](
+* Suggesting new features
+* Writing or refactoring code
+* Fixing [issues](
## Changelog
### Version 4.2.4
+NOTICE: We have switched to a Grunt based build process in order to leverage [Assemble]( for local documentation building. Please review the above notes about Grunt for the commands available.
+* Fix: Fixed transition from first to last slide during infinite loop #778
+* Fix: Reload on multiple sliders doesn't work? #755
+* Fix: bxSlider with text only #746
+* Fix: bower missing main and ignore entries #738
+* Fix: Tickermode transitionend event bubbling #737
+* Fix: Initializing before destroyed breaks slider #748
+* Enhancement: Added shrinkItems carousel setting #772
+* Enhancement: Maintain auto display of slides after a manual selection #594
+* Enhancement: Slider getter through jquery object #739
+* Enhancement: Add aria attributes #751
+* Enhancement: Slider element in every callback and a new method getSliderElement (#780)
+* Enhancement: Local Documentiation and examples. I have added buildable documentation to the repo. This will expand over time and allow for community corrections as needed. Please see above Grunt notes on how to build.
### Version 4.2.3
* Minor bug fix

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