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By nature of how works, there will be two copies of
each game that happened in a season; one in the home team's folder,
one in the away team's folder.
This script will create a singular game representation in MongoDB
for all the games in a given season
Usage: (--season=<sn>)
import os
from md5 import md5
from pymongo import MongoClient
from datetime import datetime
from docopt import docopt
from Services.constants import PATH_TO_DATA
from import convert_csv_to_list, get_teams_for_given_season
def get_info_from_game(season, city, csv):
game_data = {}
game_data['away_team_info'] = {}
game_data['home_team_info'] = {}
csv_path = os.path.join(PATH_TO_DATA, season, city, 'Csvs', csv)
list_of_game_rows = convert_csv_to_list(csv_path)
away_city = list_of_game_rows[0][5]
home_city = list_of_game_rows[0][6]
game_data['created_on'] =
game_data['away_team_info']['city'] = away_city
game_data['home_team_info']['city'] = home_city
game_data['list_of_game_rows'] = list_of_game_rows
game_rows_as_text = ''.join([''.join(row) for row in list_of_game_rows])
game_data['game_id'] = md5(game_rows_as_text).hexdigest()
return game_data
def run_storage_of_games_on_season(season, list_of_cities):
client = MongoClient()
season_db = client['CFL_' + season]
games_collection = season_db['games']
for city in list_of_cities:
print 'Storing games for {0}'.format(city)
path_to_csvs = os.path.join(
PATH_TO_DATA, season, city, 'Csvs'
all_csvs = [f for f in os.listdir(path_to_csvs) if f.endswith('.csv')]
for csv in all_csvs:
game_data = get_info_from_game(season, city, csv)
saved_game = games_collection.find_one(
{'game_id': game_data['game_id']}
if not saved_game:
if __name__ == '__main__':
args = docopt(__doc__)
season = args['--season']
cities = get_teams_for_given_season(season)
run_storage_of_games_on_season(season, cities)