Enhanced Modbus library implemented in the Java programming language
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This project is a fork of the j2mod library which began life as jamod. A huge amount of refactoring and code fixing has been carried out on this library, with the addition of supporting JUnit tests, to ensure the library is fit for production use.

This implementation supports Modbus TCP, UDP, RTU over TCP, Serial RTU and Serial ASCII in both Master and Slave configurations. The serial comms is implemented using jSerialComm and does not require any outside dependencies over and above the logging facade slf4j.

For instructions on how to use the library, visit the wiki here


Stable releases can be downloaded here


Snapshot releases can be downloaded here


Known Issues

  • There are no unit tests for the RTU over TCP transport
  • There is no way of adding AbstractSerialTransportListener to a ModbusSlave which means you cannot get informed of when the library is switching between send and receive
  • A refactor is overdue to hide package components to encourage best practise usage patterns


  • jSerialComm The serial comms is handled by JSerialComm that includs native implementations for most platforms.
  • slf4j Logging facade to fit in with your application logging framework

Including j2mod



I have maintained this library to be Java 1.6 compatible for the past 2 years but now that my time for supporting j2mod is ever more pressured, I have decided that v2.5.1 will be the last version that is available for this JVM.

From 3.0.0, the library will have a minimum requirement of Java 1.8.