An update and port of Press X to Give Up
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Icon Press X to Give Up

Press X to Give Up - Screenshot

Click the game to start. Play with music (headphones).

This game is about fighting a bull. Change stance (SPACE) when the bull is near. Immediately pull up your banderilla (HOLD UP ARROW) and stab the bull right behind the head (HOLD DOWN ARROW). Run away (LEFT/RIGHT ARROW) whenever you get the chance.

This is an update of the original, ported by Steve Richey to HaxeFlixel with help from Jonatan Van Hove.

Original game by:

Press X to Give Up is (C) 2013 Anders Børup, Bram Michielsen, Henrike Lode, Jonas Maaløe, Jonatan Van Hove, Mads Johansen, and Thomas Ryder.