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PHP Profiler

Version 2

by Steven Surowiec


PHP Profiler is a fork of PHP Quick Profiler by Ryan Campbell of Particletree


Setup is very easy and straight-forward. There are five primary steps that need to be done.

  1. Checkout the code into your libraries directory so that the classes can be auto loaded.
  2. Instantiate Profiler_Profiler
  3. At the end of your application after all else is done call the display() method on Profiler_Profiler.

Setup and Usage

Setting up PHP Profiler is quite simple. Below is a short code sample of the latest version.

$profiler = new Profiler_Profiler();
Profiler_Console::logSpeed('Start Sample run');
Profiler_Console::logSpeed('End Sample run');

Exceptions can also be logged:

try {
  // Some code goes here
catch (Exception $e) {
  Profiler_Console::logError($e, $e->getMessage());

Database queries can be logged as well:

Profiler_Console::logQuery($sql);  // Starts timer for query
$res = mysql_query($sql);
Profiler_Console::logQuery($sql);  // Ends timer for query

Using a custom callback to explain queries for console

$profiler = Profiler_Profiler(array('query_explain_callback' => array('My_Class', 'someMethod')));
Profiler_Console::logQuery($sql); // Starts timer for query
$res = mysql_query($sql);
Profiler_Console::logQuery($sql); // Ends timer for query

class My_Class {
  // $sql gets passed in with 'EXPLAIN' already added.
  public static function someMethod($sql) {
    $res = mysql_query($sql);
    return mysql_fetch_assoc($res);


PHP Profiler lets you pass in some configuration options to help allow it to suit your own needs.

  • query_explain_callback is the callback used to explain SQL queries to get additional information on them. The format used should be the same as that used by PHP's call_user_func function.
  • query_profiler_callback is used to integrate an extended query profiler such as MySQL's query profiler.

For additional documentation and code samples see the wiki.


Below are some of the features of PHP Profiler

  • Log any string, array or object to the console
  • Log all queries and find out how long they took to run, individually and total
  • Learn which queries are being run more than once with duplicate query counting
  • Allows integration with your DAL to explain executed queries
  • Displays all included files
  • Displays total memory usage of page load
  • Log memory usage of any string, variable or object
  • Log specific points in your script to see how long it takes to get to them
  • See how many queries on a given page are inserts, updates, selects and deletes with query type counting

Sites Using PHP Profiler

Using PHP Profiler on your site? Let me know! If you don't want to be featured here just say so, but I still like knowing how people are using PHP Profiler so send me a message or an email and let me know.