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This wiki will present a high-level design of the Adventuresmith app, describe the syntax of the generator files, and give instructions on how to create translations of existing generators

See the sidebar for links to detailed topics


How do I run Adventuresmith without an Android device?

Desktop using Bluestacks

You can run the app in the Bluestacks app player http://www.bluestacks.com/

Running Adventuresmith as Chrome app

Here are instructions on how to install ARC Welder -- a Chrome browser app through which you can run Android apps within Chrome. http://www.howtogeek.com/214734/how-to-use-googles-arc-welder-to-run-android-apps-in-chrome/

Download the current Adventuresmith .apk here: https://github.com/stevesea/Adventuresmith/releases/latest

Download the Adventuresmith .apk to your desktop, run ARC Welder, point it at the adventuresmith .apk... and viola!

Some of the imagery looks pixelated, the app is a little sluggish but functional.


If you just want to run generators from a command shell, you can use adventuresmith-cli https://github.com/stevesea/Adventuresmith/wiki/adventuresmith-cli

How do I create my own generators?

Go here https://github.com/stevesea/Adventuresmith/wiki/Generator-Syntax for instructions on installing adventuresmith-cli, and the syntax of the generators

Ick, I see a really weird error message... what's that mean???

Open a ticket here on Github and I'll be happy to lend a hand. Or, post in the Adventuresmith G+ Community

How should I coordinate work so I'm not creating something someone else is already working on?

No one's jumped in yet... But a good places to start would be

Yes, that's great... But how do I get it into the Android app?

In the future, I plan to make it easier for the app to directly run generator files on your device or other location, but that functionality is weeks/months away.

At the moment, you'll need to submit it to me for inclusion. Open a GitHub ticket or otherwise contact me via GitHub or G+

You MUST provide attribution for where you got the content from. And, the licensing terms must allow reuse within the app. Bonus points if you get the go-ahead from the content creator themselves.

How do I create a new translation of an existing generator?

Existing generator YaML files are in this part of the directory hierarchy: https://github.com/stevesea/Adventuresmith/tree/master/adventuresmith-core/src/main/resources/org/stevesea/adventuresmith/core

It's probably easiest to checkout the git repo, then use adventuresmith-cli to run those generators. Instructions for installing adventuresmith-cli are in this wiki, and generator syntax is covered here: https://github.com/stevesea/Adventuresmith/wiki/Generator-Syntax

Here, I run a Maze Rats spell generator ten times:

⟫ adventuresmith-cli/bin/adventuresmith-cli run ~/git/Adventuresmith/adventuresmith-core/src/main/resources/org/stevesea/adventuresmith/core/maze_rats/magic.yml  -i 10
INFO  Running generator: /home/schristensen/git/Adventuresmith/adventuresmith-core/src/main/resources/org/stevesea/adventuresmith/core/maze_rats/magic.yml
Transposing Beast Ivory
Dust of Repeating Assassin
Revealing Souls
Gyrating Disk Gold
Death of Storm
Portal Bat
Ghost of Floating Shield
Silent Aether
Invisible Souls
Duplicating Steed

If I wanted to start a German translation, I'd start with the spells.yml and create a new file

cp ~/git/Adventuresmith/adventuresmith-core/src/main/resources/org/stevesea/adventuresmith/core/maze_rats/magic.yml \

Then start translating by modifying the magic.de.yml file. To test my changes, I could run the new German file directly:

adventuresmith-cli/bin/adventuresmith-cli run -i 10 ~/git/Adventuresmith/adventuresmith-core/src/main/resources/org/stevesea/adventuresmith/core/maze_rats/magic.de.yml 

Or, run the standard MR generator and specify Adventuresmith should switch to the German Locale

adventuresmith-cli/bin/adventuresmith-cli run -i 10 -l de ~/git/Adventuresmith/adventuresmith-core/src/main/resources/org/stevesea/adventuresmith/core/maze_rats/magic.yml

For more information about translations, look here