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Geodata showing African terrestrial fibre optic cable projects. Data is available as CSV or JSON (+ GeoJSON) via the DataStore API.


Primary data file is the CSV resource:

However, this data needed to be cleaned up and converted to geojson for storing in the DataHub DataStore and visualization. Details of this below.

Cleaning Process

Use data package manager (dpm) to clone the DataHub dataset.

# say yes to downloading of data files
dpm clone .

You will now have an afterfibre directory containing the dataset.

cd afterfibre

Grab scripts from the code repository

git clone .

Now run cleanup - note you will need to install geojson (pip install geojson)


Now you have json version of data in data/AfTerFibre_21nov2011.json. We will upload this to the DataHub DataStore for the original CSV.

Note: you will need the DataStore client from upload data/AfTerFibre_21nov2011.json 

Let's check the result, visit:

Now the data's ready for easy visualization in javascript! (Check ou the visualization resource).