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// BCSlidingWindowLayer.h
// ChiralX
// Created by Jeremy Knope on 8/31/09.
// Copyright 2009 Buttered Cat Software. All rights reserved.
#import <QuartzCore/CALayer.h>
@interface BCSlidingWindowLayer : CALayer {
CALayer *spriteSheetLayer;
CGImageRef spriteSheetImage;
double age;
NSUInteger currentFrame;
CGSize frameSize;
NSUInteger spriteRows;
NSUInteger spriteColumns;
NSUInteger frameCount;
@property(copy) NSString *imageName;
@property(assign) NSUInteger spriteColumns;
@property(assign) NSUInteger spriteRows;
@property(assign) NSUInteger frameCount;
@property(assign) NSUInteger currentFrame;
- (id)initWithCGImage:(CGImageRef)image frame:(CGRect)newFrame;
- (void)stepFrame;
- (void)updateWithInterval:(NSTimeInterval)timeInterval;
- (void)setCGImage:(CGImageRef)image;
- (CGImageRef)CGImage;
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