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Git port of the Colloquy IRC client for Mac
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Pull request Compare This branch is even with vendor.
Latest commit c6a8cb6 zach Remove a usage of NSScannerAdditions.
git-svn-id: cc480944-b4dd-0310-b5e3-89908df9b951
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Additions Add MVDefaultController #define
Chat Core.xcodeproj Temporarily remove XMPPFramework. This commit can be reverted after 2…
Chat Core Remove a usage of NSScannerAdditions.
Colloquy (Mac).xcodeproj Remove a usage of NSScannerAdditions.
Colloquy (Old).xcodeproj Don't set the deployment target, and rely on xcconfig to set it instead
Colloquy (iOS).xcodeproj Remove CQActionSheet references from the project
Colloquy.xcworkspace Add initial shell for a new Mac project and share build settings with…
Controllers Only use selectedRow if clickedRow returns -1
Frameworks Fix XMPPFramework warnings
Importer Since minimum deployment target is 10.6, we can fix a bunch of protoc…
Inspectors Check for NSNotFound before asking for a tab item
Languages Update Copyright
Mac Remove a usage of NSScannerAdditions.
Mobile Use saved unique identifier if exists, otherwise use new unique ident…
Models Minor code cleanup
Panels Searching can use non-google browsers now (hidden pref), and change t…
Plug-Ins Build should work with Xcode 4.3, not just 4.4
Preferences Fix more deprecation warnings
Resources Rudimentary sudden termination support (enable sudden termination whe…
Settings (Mac).xcodeproj compiles again
Shared Less duplicate code that doesn't need to run on Mac
Tests Mechanical changes to get Colloquy building as 64-bit.
Views Fix problem with styles that append elements together visually
Basic.pch Deployment = 10.6, so we don't need this define
Chat Core.exp Fix the build.
ChatCore Add initial shell for a new Mac project and share build settings with…
Colloquy.order Added a preliminary order file to COlloquy for Release builds. This o…
Colloquy.pch Fix more analyzer results and warnings. Also, don't try to free() nul…
Makefile Update Makefile to use workspace.
main.m Don't migrate old preferences over anymore
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