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OpenEmuBuilder is a convenience project for building OpenEmu from scratch. It uses Xcode project references to build the dependencies in order.

Entire Build

The fastest way to get started building OpenEmu is to select the "Complete Build" target, and build and run it. This will build all the emulators in OpenEmu, the framework they all depend on, and the OpenEmu application. When it's done, it will launch automatically.

Note that this will build all of the emulators. As one can imagine, this will take a very long time. You will probably want to remove some of the emulators that you're not planning on personally using.

Building Select Emulators

To only build select emulators, select the "Build All Emulators" target in the Xcode project. You can add or remove the emulators as dependencies. Emulators in this target will get rebuilt automatically when you rebuild the emulators or when you recompile the "Complete Build" target.