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Plugin for SiriProxy to control Plex Media Center
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Voice control for Plex. Includes support for playing latest version of a specific show, show by season/episode, and onDeck.

Voice Commands

  • play "show"
  • play latest episode of "show"
  • on deck


  1. Add the following, using your IP, Port and Index to your ~siriproxy/config.yml file
    - name: 'Plex'
    git: 'git://'
    plex_host: '' #Internal IP address of your Plex Media Server.
    plex_port: '32400' #Most likely you won't have to change this, it runs on port 32400 by default.
    plex_tv_index: '2' #May have to change this. This is the path to your TV index within PMS.

  2. Run bundler from your siriproxy root directory

    • siriproxy bundle
  3. Start siriproxy and test
    • rvmsudo siriproxy server


  1. After I say "on deck" siri just spins and does nothing There can be a number of reasons this happens but it basically means PMS didn't return any shows from onDeck.

    • Make sure your PMS server IP and port are correct in config.yml
    • Make sure you have the correct plex_tv_index set.
    • Verify in Plex that something is actually "on deck" (I need update the plugin to let you know nothing was returned)
  2. How do I find my TV index

    • browse to: http://<your PMS server IP:32400/library/sections
    • View page source
    • Find the key for title of your your TV index Directory refreshing="0" key="1" type="show" title="TV" art="/:/resources/show-fanart.jpg" agent="com.plexapp.agents.thetvdb"
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