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This is a scattered collection of code that you can use in your own projects. It's all MIT-licensed.


  • Mac: 10.6.0+
  • iPhone: N/A

Category for adding objects to an array with a Populator block. A Populator takes an NSUInteger, and returns an autoreleased object. It can do all of this serially or concurrently using Grand Central Dispatch.


  • Mac: 10.5.0+
  • iPhone: 2.0+

Category for getting a SHA1 hash from an NSData blob.

TCDownload and TCOAuthDownload

  • Mac: 10.5.0+
  • iPhone: 2.0+

Powerful class for encapsulating NSURLRequest/NSURLConnection objects and making HTTP requests. Includes a download queue which runs on a background thread. Callbacks are made on a background thread. You can also do downloads over OAuth, using the OAuthConsumer (

SSListView and SSListContainerView

  • Mac: 10.5.0+
  • iPhone: N/A

Mac class for displaying a one-column list of views, similar to the iPhone's UITableView (but does not include support for sections, headers, or footers).


  • Mac: 10.5.0+
  • iPhone: N/A

NSCell subclass for displaying two properties from an object displayed in two rows; the first as a bold and black line of text, the second as gray text.