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Email Archive Button

aka The Nuclear Option

aka Inbox Zero as a Service

Arduino button for instant inbox0 with gmail. Button archives all email in a connected gmail inbox.

Requires nodeJS

Step 1:

Build the button with an Arduino. You'll need a button, 4 leds, and wires/resistor.

Arduino wiring diagram

Plug in the Arduino in to the host nodejs environment.

Step 2:

npm install npm start Your first time running you'll be asked to authenticate a gmail account

Warning: Once you authenticate a gmail account, the device will become armed.

Step 3:

Wait until email inbox aggression has left you with no other option but total annihilation.

  • A pulsing LED indicate the device is armed
  • Press and hold the button.
  • wait until the final LED blinks rapidly and then stops
  • release the button: all emails in the connected gmail inbox will be archived.

note: releasing the button anytime before the blinking LED stops blinking will abort the operation.