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Value Objects in Python

(GitHub has a rendered version of this readme:

This library makes it easy to implement value objects in Python. The library's rationale and usage instructions can be found in this blog post: Value Objects in Java & Python.

Alternative library

Vladimir Keleshev has an alternative Python library for value objects that makes some different design decisions. My library is a combination of techniques I've used before and Vladimir's technique of using __init__ to indicate field name, order, and default values.

Installation via Pip

The easiest way to install this library is to use Pip:

pip install value_objects

Installation via copying files

Alternatively you can just copy the library code directory into your own codebase.

Running Tox tests in Vagrant

Vagrant (with VirtualBox is a great way to run sandboxed experiments on your dev machine. I use Vagrant plus Tox to run this library's tests in Python 2.x and 3.x without affecting my dev machine. The three scripts I use are included in this project. After going through the quick Vagrant tutorial you'll be ready to try them out:

  1. Setup the VM on your dev machine:
  2. Provision and test inside the VM:
  3. The provision script:

Other blog posts

In addition to this project's blog post (Value Objects in Java & Python), you may also be interested in these posts of mine: