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This is a base Mura CMS plugin using FW/1 - Framework One as its application framework. It's intended to be used by experienced ColdFusion/CFML developers and those developers familiar with Framework One, or more commonly known as FW/1.


Minimum Requirements

Important Notes

Assuming you've used FW/1 in the past, you'll need to know a few minor differences between a typical FW/1 application and how it lives within Mura CMS.

Default Subsystems

First of all, this plugin does use FW/1 subsystems. This means your URLs will have either ?{packageName}Action=admin:your.view or ?{packageName}Action=app1:your.view, etc. For example: ?MuraFW1action=admin:main.default.

There are four (4) subsystems in use. The subsystems that are included by default are:

  • admin

    This is the primary subsystem. You can and should modify it, but just don't delete it. This is where authorized content managers can go to interact with the plugin's own 'Admin' area.

  • app1

    This subsystem is just an uber-simple, hello world app. No controllers, no layouts, just a default view.

  • app2

    This subsystem is a step up from 'app1' and includes some controllers, multiple views, a layout, and also includes a sample service.

  • app3

    This subsystem takes things a few more steps up from 'app2' by including an example 'bean' and multiple views. In addition to that, this one includes an example of how to create a configurable display object for Mura CMS.

If you wish to delete any of these, except for the 'admin' of course, just remember to edit the /plugin/config.xml.cfm file and either remove, or comment out, the corresponding displayObjects that have been registered. Once you do this, you will have to go to the Mura CMS admin area, then to Settings > Plugins and click the pencil icon to edit the plugin, and finally click the Update button in order for Mura to pick up the changes.

Important Files

Next, here are some of the more important files to be aware of and a little bit about what they are.


This is the file that is typically known in FW/1 as /framework/one.cfc You should be able to update this with the latest and greatest version available. No modifications have been made to the file.


This file contains variables.framework which is used by both FW/1 and Mura.


The most important variable in this file is: variables.framework.package = 'MuraFW1'; You MUST enter the plugin's packageName here and it MUST be the same as found in /plugin/config.xml.cfm. So please be sure to change MuraFW1 to match your plugin's packageName. You should be able to simply modify the package attribute in this file and the setting should populate config.xml.cfm when the plugin is deployed.

Please also note, Mura CMS also uses DI/1 to manage its dependency injection. This means that you will run into issues if you attempt to use any of the names used for its beans as your packageName. In other words, use something unique for your packageName.


Another important variable to note is framework.baseURL='useRequestURI'; Do NOT change this setting! This setting is required in order for Mura CMS and FW/1 to coexist.


The variables.framework.action defaults to your packageName & action ... e.g. if your packageName is 'MuraFW1', the default action will be MuraFW1action. This is to help prevent your plugin from intercepting another plugin's action. So, if your packageName is not a valid CFML variable name (e.g., begins with a number, etc.) then you will experience problems trying to get your application to work.


Lastly, by default, each subsystem is treated as its own, individual application, unaware of any other subsystem, and will not respond to requests for any other subsystem. For example, if a link in App2 points to buildURL('app3:main.form') as a 'href' tag and is clicked, then App2 will maintain its state and not respond. Only App3 will respond to that request.

There is a setting to override this default behaviour called: variables.framework.siloSubsystems.

If set to false, then it is assumed that you will only have ONE display object on any page at any given time. If you have more than one, then as you interact with it, all of them will respond with the same view. You have been warned!


This file extends /framework/one.cfc. Here is where you'll be able to edit common FW/1 methods such as setupApplication(), setupSession(), setupRequest(), setupSubsystem() if needed. The hope is that you shouldn't have to modify it very much for simple applications.


This file extends mura.plugin.pluginGenericEventHandler. Here is where you can modify/add commonly used Mura 'events' such as onApplicationLoad(), onSiteRequestStart(), onRenderStart(), etc.

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Copyright 2010-2020 Stephen J. Withington, Jr. (and others -- see individual files for additional copyright holders).

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this work except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License in the LICENSE file, or at:

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


Base Mura CMS plugin using FW/1 as its application framework.







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