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simple lua wrapping of libuv

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uv - simple lua wrapping of libuv.

libuv is the O/S independent platform core of node.js and handles issues like networking and file I/O. Now, the goodness of libuv is now available for lua. See for more information on libuv.

The libuv wrappers in this project are rather low-level, where the mechanical exposure of libuv API's to lua are pretty true to libuv's original C API's.

The wrappings are tested against (at least) lua 5.1.4 and luajit 2.0.0-beta8.



The swiglite tool uses ruby, rubygems and ERB.

And, you'll need lua 5.1.4 'make install'ed.

Easy Approach

The easy way is to have libuv as a sibling directory. For example...

git clone git://
cd libuv && make
cd ..
git clone git://
cd uv && make

Then, you can test the included echo server...

lua test/echo_server.lua

Or, you can also use luajit instead of lua...

luajit test/echo_server.lua

In a separate terminal, a client will receive echo'ed strings...

telnet 11700
> hello
< hello

Development notes

The uv wrappers use the (included) "swiglite" tool, which is implemented in ruby.


Apache License Version 2.0

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