Allows editing the fields of a has_one object directly in the CMS
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Has One Edit

This module allows you to directly edit the fields of a related has_one object directly, without having to mess around with GridField or links to ModelAdmin. If the related has_one doesn't exist yet, then this module also creates the object and sets up the relation for you on first write.

This module has been tested editing a has_one in both a GridFieldDetailForm and on a generic Page in CMSMain.


SilverStripe 3.x.

This module has been tested on both 3.0.x-dev and 3.1.x-dev. There is no separate version for the two different Framework branches.


To use this module, simply add a field to the CMS fields for your object in your getCMSFields() method. The name of the field should be HasOneName-_1_-FieldName.

For example, say you have a has_one called Show and that has_one has a field called Title you want to edit. You'd add the field TextField::create('Show-_1_-Title', 'Show Title').

If you do not require that the outputted name of the field matches the value you supply, you can also use a colon as a separator instead of -_1_-.

Using with your own form

To add support to your own forms, you need to add the sgn_hasoneedit_UpdateFormExtension extension to your controller and call $this->extend('updateEditForm', $form) before returning the form to the template. Without this, the fields will not get populated with the values from the has_one though saving will work.