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Contributing to berrybrew

Bug/issue reporting via Github are very welcomed!

What we do:

  • create a new branch appropriately named for the changes we're making
  • PR (Pull Request) the branch when our work is complete
  • send individual patches via any means desired if a PR isn't desired
  • build the new dll and exe using the dev\build.bat script
  • ensure the changes work by calling berrybrew in the build directory: build\berrybrew <cmd> [opts]
  • ensure that the appropriate documentation has been updated *
  • ensure that all existing unit tests pass, per Unit testing *
  • ensure that any functionality/API/runtime changes have explicit unit tests written *

* Unlikely to accept changes that don't confirm to these

What we don't do:

  • work on master directly, unless correcting doc typos and other trivial changes
  • update any version information
  • change any license information (I inherited this project)
  • change any copyrights (without written authorization)
  • update the Changes file
  • commit locally required changes to the .gitignore file

© 2017 by Steve Bertrand