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Revision history for berrybrew
1.26 2019-09-02
- added 'berrybrew virtual' command; allows using external perls (eg.
installed system Active State) from within berrybrew. Useful for
bypassing berrybrew switched perls without having to disable berrybrew
- added new 'berrybrew switch x.xx quick' argument, allows switching
to a new perl without needing to open a new console window (some
functionality may suffer until a new window is actually opened though)
- modified calls to String.Compare() to specify a string array instead
of just a string for .Net 4.6 compliance
- modified calls to String.Split() to specify a char array instead of
just a char for .Net 4.6 compliance
- updated dev\ to create a Changes markdown file for ease
of online viewing
1.25 2019-08-30
- fix typo in API doc (fixes #163)
- added new testing environment variables (set in t\setup_test_env.bat)
which set up some test-specific flags to shim the system where
- reworked unit test platform; the "dev build" and "test" infrastructures
are now completely separate. This eliminates issues where in some
cases, the two environments overlapped each other
- reworked how the "modules" infrastructure works. We now create the
directory on 'import' if it doesn't exist, and produce more sound
warnings in certain circumstances (fixes #169)
- "clean modules" now leaves any custom export lists in place, and
operates at file level, not simply remove the entire directory
(closes #162)
- added new config file directive, "windows_homedir", which allows a user
on a global basis to use the Portable homedir (default), or the
Windows homedir. This happens during 'berrybrew install' (closes #121)
1.24 2019-08-29
- removed confirmation dialog when running "config" as to allow for
unattended installations (closes #173)
1.23 2019-05-26
- fixed issue in README where some external doc links were pointing to
the wrong branch (fixes #147)
- removed the "update dnmfarrell repo" section from README; it's been
moved to the "create a release" doc (closes #146)
- "Compile your own" link wasn't directing to the proper doc
(closes #148)
- added "dev" and "all" to the "clean" operation (closes #149)
- added t/99_clean.t for testing the "berrybrew clean dev" feature
(closes #151)
- added new "test" argument to "berrybrew". This is for developers to
tell the system we're in unit testing mode to shim the system where
- added an exception handling routine in PerlFindOrphans() to catch an
error in certain cases when running "berrybrew clean dev"
- t/95-remote.t no longer cleans up the test directory, that's left to
t/99-clean.t now
- slight modifications to the testing infrastructure and documentation
- rename "Synopsis" to "Examples" in README (closes #124)
- corrected issue in ExecCompile(), where if we're using --with to exec
with only one perl instance, it wasn't filtering correctly
- added ExportModules(), saves the current perl's module list for import
later in a different perl (work on #150)
- added CleanModules() with new `berrybrew clean modules` to clean up
the exported module list directory
- added ImportModules(), ImportModulesExec(), modules export and
import (work on #150)
- update all documentation with the new "modules export/import"
functionality (closes #150)
- added new "currentperl" hidden command which displays which Perl
is currently in use. Changed "PerlInUse()" from private to public to
facilitate the new feature
- bumped perls.json to include the new 5.30 Perl release
- several other minor issues closed (mostly small doc fixes etc)
1.22 2018-11-05
- clarifications and updates to the "Create a Release" doc (closes #137)
- major, sweeping code refactoring: method privileges, exception
handling, variable renaming to conform to C# standards etc
- update API doc with all relevant changes due to the code refactoring
- update PerlUpdateAvailableListOrphans() details in API doc
(closes #140)
- added PerlsInstalled() method to API doc (closes #139)
- added PathGetUsr() method to API doc (closes #138)
- when running a dev build, the Perl instance and berrybrew temp
directories are now located under a "build" dir, as opposed to the
"test" directory as it was previously. This separates the unit testing
platform from the development build one (closes #114)
- added "developed using" section in README (closes #141)
- add new "dev\build_tests.bat" script that the "t\test.bat" script
calls to set up the unit test environment. We used to call
"t\build.bat", but since changing the dev build system, we needed to
separate the functionality (fixes #143)
1.21 2018-11-04
- updated CONTRIBUTING doc (closes #128)
- moved the "Compile your own installation", "Create a dev build", and
"Create a release" README sections to their own documentation files.
Also greatly expanded on the "Create a release" doc to include steps
to complete the entire release cycle (closes #126)
- added a config directive index at the top of the configuration doc
file (closes #129)
- integrate hurricup's PR#132, proxy of error code if 'exec' is run
in single mode (prep for integration with Camelcade Perl5 plugin)
- test changes in PR#132, and modify docs accordingly (closes #133)
- the "test" directory is no longer seen as an orphaned Perl install
(closes #134)
- add note in "create a dev release" doc that all Perl instances are
located under the "test" directory (closes #135)
1.20 2018-11-02
- fix improper indentation of the Off() method in berrybrew.cs
(fixes #120)
- add note in Unit Testing doc to update the t/data/available.txt and
t/data/custom_available.txt files if Perls available has changed
before running tests (fixes #118)
- rearrange the Installation and Configuration sections in README
(closes #122)
- replace magic number in CheckName() with a private const int
(closes #119)
- update examples with most recent Perl versions in README (SYNOPSIS)
(closes #123)
- fix a missed exception handling in List() when no Perls are installed
(fixes #117)
1.19 2018-11-01
- integrated hurricup's PR#107, which includes changes required in
preparation for berrybrew's inclusion within the Camelcade Perl5
intelliJ IDEA plugin
- added notes regarding version bumping and updating in README
(closes #108)
- add new "Create a development build" section in README (closes #109)
- fix typo in "exec --with" section in SYNOPSIS (fixes #115)
- added "list" command to docs (bin/API) and README (closes #111)
- add "Uninstall" section in README (closes #106)
1.18 2018-02-16
- Perls listed with "berrybrew available" are now listed in numerical,
descending order (closes #101) (thanks @shawnlaffan for the
- fixed issue where the orphaned Perls that were installed prior to
using "fetch" weren't being registered as custom correctly (required
two calls to "fetch"). To fix, added new
PerlUpdateAvailableListOrphans()(closes #102; closes #99) (Thanks
@pryrt for the report!)
- added ability to fetch every single Perl version Strawberry has to
offer with the new "all" argument to "berrybrew fetch" (closes #100;
closes #103) (thanks @pryrt for the report!)
- fix issue where we were missing an exception if trying to register
the same custom version of Perl more than once (fixes #104)
1.17 2017-10-04
- task information displayed during install operation is now in logical
order (fixes #95)
- fix issue where when running the "build" version (ie. unreleased), it
was using the same Perl installation directory as the "live" version.
In the build.bat script, we now update the config.json file
accordingly to ensure we're using two separate install locations.
(fixes #97)
1.16 2017-08-03
- UseInNewWindow() and UseInSameWindow() API calls were incorrectly
listed as "public" in the API doc which are actually "internal", and
UseCompile() was "internal" and should be "public"
- gracefully catch a download problem and report to the user
(closes #63)
- fix small typo in README (closes #89)
- gracefully let user know that berrybrew can't be installed in
c:\berrybrew on "config" (fixes #55)
- consolodated version info. Only hardcoded in the berrybrew.cs file.
Removed it from messages.json, and updated script to bump
the version in the README at release time (closes #86)
- replaced calls, where appropriate to PathGet() instead of
PathRemovePerl(process=false) for clarity (closes #91)
1.15 2017-07-28
- fix doc links in API, and resized headings in berrybrew doc
(closes #84)
- 'register' command now outputs a success message to the console upon
successful registration (closes #79)
- use will both output each Perl specified if it's not installed, then
warn and exit if none of the specified versions are installed
(closes #83)
- bumped versions of Perl in doc examples to reflect current
1.14 2017-07-28
- code cleanup
- bumped 5.24.1 to 5.24.2 in perls.json (prod and test)
- new "use" feature, allows spawning into a different version in the
existing cmd window, or a new ones. Multiple perls can be specified
in a single run. This feature acts similar to Perlbrew's "use"
feature, in that upon exit, you'll automatically be put back to your
previously "switch"ed version (@pryrt PR #80)
1.13 2017-07-15
- updated license information (closes #75)
- updated perls_available.json to include 5.26
- we now remove the "test" directory after all tests complete
(closes #76)
- correct markdown formatting in Configuration doc (closes #73)
- small README correction (closes #71)
- added new "register" command, provides ability to register perl
installs that happened outside of berrybrew (closes #70)
- add check to ensure we don't duplicate custom registrations
- massive unit test framework upgrade (thanks pryrt!). There's still
more work to be done here, but it's already much better
- changed the bracing syntax. I dislike the opening brace on a separate
1.12 2017-03-31
- fix local links in the markdown in the documentation
- added "berrybrew fetch" (PerlUpdateAvailableList()). This function
fetches the releases.json file from the Strawberry Perl website, and
updates our data/perls.json file with the most recent patch version
of each Perl version for 64bit, 32bit and PDL, where each is
available (work on #62)
- updated all documentation with the new 'fetch' feature
- added exception and error handling in PerlUpdateAvailableList() for
both the web fetch of the JSON file, and the reading of the JSON
- enhanced exception handling for 'fetch'. We now print out the full
exception if in debug mode
- implement orphan handling for 'fetch'. If there are any orphans, we
will not proceed any further
- if there are perl instances orphaned after 'fetch' we now put them
into the perls_custom.json file so they are still usable. They will
appear as [custom] installs
- upgrade now backs up config files, but only restores the
perls_custom.json file. The user will have to manually merge in any
custom changes they had from the backup into the updated config files
1.11 2017-03-30
- replaced Ionic.Zip with SharpZipLib as the former failed to
consistently extract the zip files completely
- updated 5.10.1_32 from to
- updated SHA1 checksums for various instances
1.10 2017-02-12
- fixed issue where the updated perls weren't being reflected in the
perls.json file in the zip archive
- added 'unconfig' help menu listing
- updated SYNOPSIS with more recent versions of Perl (closes #58)
- a request was made to include the PDL versions, but I'm holding off on
that for the time being, as I'm focusing my efforts on the automatic
list update feature (PerlUpdateAvailableList() in the API, I haven't
decided on the CLI command name yet)
1.09 2017-02-03
- added 5.24.1_xx and 5.22.3_xx
1.08 2016-11-11
- doc cleanup/tidying
- PerlFindOrphans() now ignores the '.cpanm' directory
- version now hardcoded in the library
1.07 2016-11-11
- fix issue where 5.22.2_32 wasn't downloading the portable zip file
thereby the checksum didn't match (reported by 'atcroft') (fixes #53)
- test updates/fixes
- doc updates/cleanup (closes #51 & #54)
1.06 2016-07-26
- fixed issue where berrybrew config fails if the perl Root dir doesn't
exist (fixes #46)
- added "unconfig" command to remove berrybrew from PATH
- updated API and berrybrew docs (closes #48)
- removed, modified to be cross-platform
- cleaned up zip file creation
- better handling of config files for git push
- perls_custom.json file is no longer included in an install, it is
created on the fly if it doesn't exist. This prevents it from being
overwritten during an upgrade
- changed zip libraries to Ionic.Zip, for easier usage when we
implement backup/restore functionality
- added 'upgrade', safely performs a berrybrew upgrade
- added new attributes 'confPath' and 'binPath'. 'installPath' is now
the actual root dir of the repo
1.05 2016-07-18
- updated dev/ to put default config files in place before
- added dev/ to restore the backups
- 'exec' no longer will process perls with either 'tmpl' or 'template'
in their name
- new config option, 'custom_exec' (default is false) will skip over
Custom (cloned) Perls on 'exec'. Set to true in the config file to
exec on them
- added exception handling for when a clone fails
- tests now perform their work in a test subdir of berrybrew, as to not
accidentally remove custom installs as orphans
1.04 2016-07-17
- added documentation in doc/ for berrybrew, the API and configuration
- fixed issue with name length, max is now 25 chars for custom perls
- added CheckName(), validates the name of a custom perl
- added and removed
1.03 2016-07-16
- added debug support within API. Set within the data\config.json file.
For the API, call ``obj.Debug = bool;'', for the CLI,
``berrybrew debug ...''
- major code restructuring
- cleaned up Exec() PATH configuration (closes #10, #12 and #23)
- removed Dir class, path info now stored in member variables
- added doc/
- added unit test doc
- on destruction, we now check for orphaned perl installs, and warn the user
(closes #16)
- StrawberryPerl objects are now only generated once, and stored within the BerryBrew
- removed several unused imports
- sub command help for the commands that have sub commands
- 'clean' removes temp files by default, but can also clean orphaned perls with
the 'orphan' subcommand
- consolodated ParseJson() and ParseConfig() into the former
- completed most of the work on the auto updating of the Perls list
- renamed ParseJson() to JsonParse(), and added JsonWrite()
- added 'clone', allows cloning of instances with custom names (useful for
creating perl installation templates, and snapshots)
- more tests
1.01 2016-07-13
- added RemoveFilesystemAttributes(), removes RO flag on all files
in perl install dirs before deleting. C# can't delete them otherwise
- the API has been separated out into a DLL for re-use and easier
testing. Source file for the library is berrybrew.cs. The console app
resides in bbconsole.cs
- changed to a more Perlish version numbering system
20160703 2016-07-12
- fixed issues where %VARIABLE% based PATH entries weren't being
expanded properly. We now set the registry value to REG_EXPAND_SZ
type instead of REG_SZ
- added initial set of basic Perl unit tests
20160702 2016-07-11
- added 'clean' option, removes all archive zips of perl (closes #5)
- consolodated directory locations into a class
- moved almost all console messages to data/messages.json
- moved perls.json to data/
- added exception handling for missing and/or malformed json files
- variable based PATH env vars no longer get expanded and clobbered (fixes #10)
(reported by PeterCJ (pryrt)
- add preliminary ability to change Perl installation directory (closes #11)
20160701 2016-07-07
- fixed bug where PATH wasn't being set correctly when switching perls
- added script, performs all tasks related to a release
20160603 2016-06-24
- added perl.Paths to the struct, holds all three paths in a list
- re-worked the setting of PATH in exec subshells
- added 'off' feature, we now play nice with ActiveState and Strawberry
Perl installations
- moved from using the User PATH env var to Machine(System) PATH, so
that 'off' works correctly
20160501 2016-05-13
- separated fork from dnmfarrell's original
- added --with flag for exec, like perlbrew
- added better ENV handling on spawned sub-shells in exec
- added ability to load perls available through an external perls.json
file, located in the repo root directory
- tidied up README
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