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A collection of Powershell scripts to make life as a sysadmin just a tiny bit more bearable
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PSSysadminToolkit - The Powershell Toolkit For System Administrators!

Build status

Thanks for checking out PSSysadminToolkit! This module includes a variety of Powershell scripts that help streamline those tasks that take precious hours from your weeks.

This project is currently in active development. Usage of scripts is at your own risk. Feedback from usage is encouraged. If you encounter a bug, or see an ehancement, please file an Issue. And, if you are saavy with Powershell, feel free to submit a Pull Request and take a crack at the fix/enhancement yourself!

To test this module, work is being done in the Dev branch, so be sure to download from there for the most up-to-date code.

If you would like to download the latest release click here

Currently testable functions

  • Get-SystemUptime
  • Get-UserProperties
  • New-LMGTFYLink
  • New-RegistryKey
  • Test-RemoteManagement
  • New-AffectedServicesAlert
  • Remove-UserProfile
  • Get-ComputerFromOU
  • Get-PendingRebootStatus - Avoid using "All" if you don't use SCCM for the moment
  • Get-UserLogonEvent
  • Find-Service
  • New-ImplicitSession - This one is still a bit "chatty"
  • New-DesktopShortcut
  • New-SharedPrinter
  • Get-UserProfile
  • Get-UserProfileSize
  • Send-WakeOnLANPacket
  • New-ShortUri
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