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Hi. These are my dotfiles. I use:

  • OS X
  • zsh
  • git
  • Homebrew
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • vim
  • chruby


  • git clone --recursive ~/.dotfiles
  • cd ~/.dotfiles
  • rake install

moving parts

There are a few special files in here:

  • topic/*.zsh - Any files ending with a .zsh extension are automatically loaded into your environment.
  • topic/*.symlink - Any files ending with a .symlink extension are symlinked to your $HOME on rake install. This is so you can keep everything versioned in git and still keep everything in your home directory for autoloading.
  • topic/ - Any files named are loaded last, after zsh's autocomplete functions are set up.

but wait, there's more!

These will make things more awesome:

  • ack
  • coreutils
  • grc
  • postgresql
  • chruby
  • reattach-to-user-namespace
  • redis
  • ruby-build
  • ssh-copy-id
  • tmux
  • vim (from homebrew/dupes)
  • z


Most of this stuff, including the topic-centric layout and Rakefile, comes from @holman's own dotfiles repo.

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