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🔬 rff: a rustic fuzzy finder
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rff is a fast, simple fuzzy selector for the terminal with an advanced scoring algorithm and full UTF-8 support.


Pre-compiled binaries are available for common architectures, starting with version 0.3.0.

If you have a Rust toolchain installed, you can also build rff from source via Cargo:

$ cargo install rff


rff is a drop-in replacement for other fuzzy selection tools such as fzy or selecta.

Its interface is straightforward:

  • pass it a set of choices on STDIN
  • it will present a fuzzy selection interface to the user, and block until they make a selection or quit with ^C
  • it will print the user's selection on STDOUT

As an example, you can say:

$ vim $(find . -type f | rff)

Which prompts the user to select a file in or below the current directory, and then opens the selected file in vim.

rff supports these keys:

  • ^N to select the next match
  • ^P to select the previous match
  • ^U to clear the search query
  • ^C, ^D, and Esc to exit without selecting a match


rff is currently based on fzy's scoring algoritm. For details on how this is better than most fuzzy finders, see fzy's

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