An R package to read and write matlab files
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rmatio is a package for reading and writing Matlab MAT files from R. rmatio supports reading MAT version 4, MAT version 5 and MAT compressed version 5. rmatio can write version 5 MAT files and version 5 files with variable compression.

Internally, the rmatio package uses the C library matio for reading/writing MATLAB MAT files.

You can track (and contribute to) development of rmatio at


To install the latest release on CRAN


To install the development version of rmatio, it's easiest to use the devtools package:

# install.packages("devtools")



Read a compressed version 5 MAT file from an URL

url <- paste("",
m <- read.mat(url)

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Write an uncompressed version 5 MAT file

write.mat(m, filename="test-uncompressed.mat", compression=FALSE, version="MAT5")

Write a compressed version 5 MAT file

write.mat(m, filename="test-compressed.mat", compression=TRUE, version="MAT5")

Check that the content of the files are identical

identical(read.mat("test-uncompressed.mat"), read.mat("test-compressed.mat"))

Read a version 4 MAT file with little-endian byte ordering

filename <- system.file('extdata/matio_test_cases_v4_le.mat', package='rmatio')
m <- read.mat(filename)

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Read a version 4 MAT file with big-endian byte ordering

filename <- system.file('extdata/matio_test_cases_v4_be.mat', package='rmatio')
m <- read.mat(filename)

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Included software


The rmatio package is licensed under the GPLv3. See these files for additional details:

  • LICENSE - rmatio package license (GPLv3)
  • inst/NOTICE - Copyright notices for additional included software