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STF - Scalable, Simple Distributed Object Storage

STF is a distributed object store (similar to MogileFS), which allows you to store billions of files on commodity hardware/software stack. It was developed at livedoor Inc, initially as sets of Apache modules, then eventually was ported to a native PSGI application.

Among other things, it currently handles traffic for one of Japan's busiest blogging service, chugging 400Mbps of datas.

STF is built on top of long trusted software like Apache (or nginx), Perl, Q4M (or TheSchwartz), MySQL, and Memcached, with open protocols so it's easy to maintain.


git clone git://
cd stf
cpanm --installdeps .


Please read

Very simple usage via lwp-request

# create a bucket
lwp-request -m PUT http://stf-host/bucket
Please enter content (text/plain) to be PUTed:
# (Press Ctrl+D here so you don't send any content)

# create an object
lwp-request -m PUT http://stf-host/bucket/object
Please enter content (text/plain) to be PUTed:
# Type in random stuff here to be sent to the server

# get the object
lwp-request http://stf-host/bucket/object

# delete the object
lwp-request -m DELETE http://stf-host/bucket/object

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