Domain-specific compiler for Finite Difference/Volume/Element Earth-system models in Fortran
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Welcome to PSyclone. PSyclone is a code generation system that generates appropriate code for the PSyKAl code structure developed in the GungHo project.

Please see psyclone.pdf in this directory (or on ReadTheDocs) for more information. If you would prefer to build the documentation, please see the README file in the "doc" directory.


If you are reading this then you have presumably not already installed PSyclone from the Python Package Index ( That being so, you can install this copy of PSyclone by doing:

$ python install

or, if you do not have root access:

$ python install --prefix /my/install/path

Alternatively, if you have pip:

$ pip install .

For a user-local installation simply add the --user flag:

$ pip install --user .

This installs the PSyclone modules in ~/.local/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages (where X.Y is the version of Python that you are using) and the 'psyclone' script in ~/.local/bin. Depending on your linux distribution, you may need to add the latter location to your PATH.


Path Description
bin/ top-level driver scripts for PSyclone and the Kernel stub generator
changelog Information on changes between releases
doc/ Documentation source using sphinx
examples/ Simple examples
psyclone.pdf Generated documentation This file
README.gource Information on how to generate a gource video from the repository
README.uml Information on how to create UML class diagrams from the source using pyreverse
src/psyclone The python source code
src/psyclone/tests/ Unit and functional tests using pytest


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