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Added error check for git clone system call.

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1 parent 3a2df76 commit 068e522ce302f948bf3144104dea738316a6ff73 @3martini 3martini committed
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@@ -254,7 +254,7 @@ end # end namespace :theme
# Returns theme manifest hash
def theme_from_git_url(url)
tmp_path =, :node => "_tmp")
- system("git clone #{url} #{tmp_path}")
+ abort("rake aborted: could not find git in environment") if !system("git clone #{url} #{tmp_path}")
manifest = verify_manifest(tmp_path)
new_path =, :node => manifest["name"])
if File.exist?(new_path) && ask("=> #{new_path} theme package already exists. Override?", ['y', 'n']) == 'n'

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