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Simple generator for plain node modules with test, release and documentation workflows
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Node module generator

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A generator for plain node modules with test, ci, release and documentation workflows


The generated project comes with:

  • Changelog Configuration
  • Istanbul Code Coverage Configuration
  • JsDoc Gen Configuration
  • JsDoc Push Configuration
  • Mocha Test Configuration
  • Travis CI Configuration


The generated project has the following the structure:

| lib
|  | index.js 
| test
|  | index.spec.js
| .gitignore
| .jsdoc.json
| .travis.yml
| package.json


The generated project is preconfigured with the following scripts:

  • changelog to generate the changelog for the current version
  • coverage to generate the code coverage for a test run
  • docs to generate jsdoc application code
  • push-docs to push generated js doc to gh-pages branch
  • release-patch to release a new patch version to github
    • calls version, test and changelog
  • release-minor to release a new minor version to github
    • calls version, test and changelog
  • release-major to release a new major version to github
    • calls version, test and changelog
  • setup to onetime setup the github repository with an initial tag
  • test to run tests a single time
  • test-watch to watch for file changes and run tests


npm install generator-stfsy-node -g


cd <workspace>
mkdir <projectName>
cd <projectName>
yo stfsy-node

Run npm run setup afterwards to setup your git repository with an empty tag. This is needed for the generation of your first changelog.


This project is distributed under the MIT license.

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