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Playground files to accompany Swift Translation Guide
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CH10 - Structures and Enumerations.playground
CH12 - Collections.playground
CH13 - Protocols Extensions and Generics.playground
CH14 - There Isnt A Word For That.playground
CH2 - Playgrounds and the Swift REPL.playground
CH3 - Language Basics.playground
CH4 - Control Structures.playground
CH5 - Optionals.playground
CH6 - Functions.playground
CH7 - Blocks and Closures.playground
CH8 - Strings.playground
CH9 - Classes.playground

Swift Translation Guide for Objective-C Developers

This repository contains companion material for the book "Swift Translation Guide for Objective-C Developers" by Maurice Kelly. The material comes in the format of Swift Playgrounds for use with Xcode, but in many cases will be suitable for use in standard Xcode projects, or in the Swift REPL.

Using the Code

The best way to use this material is to clone it to your local hard drive. For example, to place a copy in your Documents directory execute the following commands at the terminal:

mkdir ~/Documents/stg-book
cd ~/Documents/stg-book
git clone

The cloned repository will appear in a directory called playgrounds and will contain a collection of Swift playgrounds that can be opened in Xcode 6.1 or higher.


If you notice any problems with the code please feel free to raise an issue on this repository, or to fork the repo, fix the problem and submit a pull request.

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