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// Header file for machine definitions
// 2012-May-22
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define FLIPX
//#define FLIPY
#ifdef FLIPX
#define XCAL(X,W) (((W)-1)-(X))
#define XCAL(X,W) (X)
#ifdef FLIPY
#define YCAL(Y,H) (((H)-1)-(Y))
#define YCAL(Y,H) (Y)
// pattern info
typedef struct {
uint16_t id;
uint32_t location;
uint16_t width;
uint16_t height;
uint32_t pattern;
} ptndesc_t;
// machine descriptor
typedef struct {
char code[16];
char *name;
uint16_t (*memory_used)(ptndesc_t* p_desc);
bool (*decode_header)(ptndesc_t* p_desc,uint8_t index);
void (*decode_pattern)(ptndesc_t* p_desc,uint8_t *p_image);
void (*format)(void);
void (*set_track)(uint8_t track);
uint8_t (*get_track)(void);
bool (*size_check)(uint16_t width,uint16_t height);
uint16_t (*add_pattern)(uint8_t *p_image,uint16_t width,uint16_t height);
uint16_t (*free_memory)();
uint16_t (*needed_memory)(uint16_t w,uint16_t h);
void (*info)(FILE *output);
uint16_t pattern_min;
uint16_t pattern_max;
uint16_t track_count;
uint16_t memory;
} machine_t;
// Initialize all machines
// Must be called before machine_Get
void machine_init();
// Get machine descriptor with specific index
// Returns NULL if not found
machine_t *machine_get(uint8_t index);
// Load machine memory from disk
bool machine_load(char *path);
// Save machine memory to disk
bool machine_save(char *path);
// Start floppy drive emulator
bool machine_emulate(char *device,FILE *verbose,void (*fp_event)(uint8_t event,uint8_t data));
// Stop floppy drive emulator
void machine_emulate_stop();
#ifdef __cplusplus
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