A tool to start OpenVPN VPNs inside a minimal unprivileged container
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It's not uncommon to need to be connected to a bunch of overlapping VPNs, network namespaces offer an easy way out of that problem. Additionally user namespaces offer the ability to run a VPN entirely as a user while still sharing the filesystem with the outside allowing all your usual commands to work.

Also, it was a fun way to show how easy it is to work with namespaces using the tools provided alongside LXC.


The start-vpn script creates a new user namespace where your user is root, then does a few trick so openvpn and byobu can happily run. openvpn is then started and a byobu server started so you can easily attach inside the container.


  • socat
  • openvpn
  • byobu
  • uidmap
  • lxc
  • A 3.13 or higher kernel with usernamespaces enabled


git clone git://github.com/stgraber/vpn-container
cd vpn-container
./start-vpn \<VPN NAME\> \<VPN CONFIG\>

The vpn name is used for the socket/pid files and for the container's hostname (so you can easily see what VPN you're working on).

The vpn config is a standard OpenVPN configuration file.


Contributions are always appreciated!

The project is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 (and not any latter version). Contributors must sign-off on their commits, indicating that they agree with the Developer Certificate of Ownership (developercertificate.org).

Please try to follow the existing code style and for the shell scripts, stick with POSIX shell.