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Textadept module to conveniently query a Zettelkasten
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A module for the wonderful text editor Textadept. It adds a few options to query the index of a Zettelkasten as is generated by Zettels.


Clone (or download and unzip) the repository into the modules directory inside your Textadept userhome, e.g.:

cd ~/.textadept/modules
git clone

In Textadept's init.lua, import and enable it. If you just want to try it out, call the enable()-function without arguments. The module will then use some example zettels in the "examples"-directory and the file "example-data.yaml" as index.

local zettels = require('ta-zettels')

If you want to use it with your own Zettelkasten, you have to tell the enable()-function where to find your stuff.

The enable()-function takes two arguments:

1. `zettel_dir` - Absolute path to the directory where your Zettels are.
2. `indexfile` - Absolute path to the index file of your Zettelkasten. 

For example:

local zettels = require('ta-zettels')
zettels.enable(os.getenv("HOME") .. '/Dokumente/Zettelkasten/', os.getenv("HOME") .. "/.config/Zettels/index.yaml")


  • A new menu entry "Zettels" is added to Textadept, it should be rather self-explanatory.
  • If you select the "Refresh index" - option, the module will try to execute zettels (Zettels) on your system. If it isn't installed, the module will still try to refresh the index from the YAML-file. Only you know if that will do any good, though.
  • If you have a zettel opened in Textadept, right-click and select the corresponding entry from the context-menu to show (and later open) the link targets or follow-ups of the current zettel.

Used libraries

  • lyaml – LibYAML binding for Lua

    For ta-zettels to work, Textadept needs to be able to access lyaml. Either you install lyaml in your system and modify the global package.path and package.cpath in Textadept's init.lua as needed.

    Alternatively, you can put the necessary files into your Textadept _USERHOME directory.

    The easiest way is to use Textadept's own YAML-Module. That comes with a working installation of lyaml. ta-zettels will work with it, out of the box.

  • lua-path - unpack the contents of the folder lua into your modules directory.

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